Customizable Pricing

Your trade-in tool shouldn't dictate your pricing strategy. Our pricing system is customizable to reflect your global pricing strategy while allowing you to target specific vehicles.

Control your pricing

We believe dealers need to be able to control exactly how to price their trade-in offers. Surprisingly, most trade-tools on the market only allow the dealer to show their customer a specific valuation metric. This may often not be reflective of the current market situation, let alone the current dealer strategy.

Since we started our company building an appraisal tool, we are experts at defining pricing strategies, and have access to valuable data to do so. For instance, our in-house Market Values look at all vehicles currently listed for sale or recently sold on your local market to see how much dealers are selling similar vehicles for.

We allow our dealers to decide how aggressive they want to be with their online offers and fine tune each parameter until we come up with offers that are just on point for the dealer's current market.

You now have full control to have full confidence in your trade values; nobody knows your market better than you do and you should be able to use this to buy cars at the prices that you want!

Target specific vehicles

Putting in place a robust pricing strategy for vehicles in general is a great start. But what if you have specific vehicles for which you want to pay more? Let's say you're a Ford dealership and can't get enough F150s. Well, we came up with the "Targetted Vehicles", which allows you to target a specific group of vehicles, down to the trim level, and override your general pricing with a targeted pricing for that specific subset. That pricing can add (or remove) a percentage value or a dollar amount to what you would normally offer.

Creating a Targetted Rule in AutoHub

This is how you configure AutoHub to automatically target 2018 to 2021 F150s, for specific trims, only with 4WD, and less than 80,000 miles.

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