We help dealerships appraise vehicle trade-ins more
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AutoHub is the only appraisal tool that incorporates vehicle diagnostic data and cosmetic condition into a streamlined appraisal process

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  • Plug-in the AutoHub OBD reader

    Our mobile app downloads vehicle diagnostic trouble codes, monitor status and VIN number through OBD-II

  • Follow the in-app instructions

    Inspection checklist and high quality pictures help appraise the vehicle thoroughly with no room for oversight

  • AutoHub report is built for you

    Everyone at the dealership can access a clear and detailed report, managers can adjust the numbers as needed

AutoHub's bluetooth reader connects to the vehicle OBD port to seamlessly pull vehicle diagnostic data (fault codes and monitor status)


  • Smart Deductions

    Automatically devalue the car with a precalculated amount for each issue

  • VIN Decoding

    Automatically pull make, model, year, trim and manufacturer options from the VIN

  • VIN Scan

    For vehicles that don’t support VIN via OBD, scan the VIN with your phone camera

  • PDF Export

    Each appraisal is available as easily sharable or printable pdf for your records

  • Push Notifications

    When an appraisal is completed or finalized, instantly notify who needs to know

  • Finalize Appraisal

    Allow managers to review incoming appraisals, edit as needed, and notify when ready


  • Kelley Blue Book

    AutoHub pulls trade-in values from the most trusted valuation guide


    AutoHub checks vehicle history reports from industry leading source

  • vAuto

    AutoHub can export your appraisals automatically to vAuto, no input needed




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    Monthly fee, no contract

    Up to 10 users
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    Custom plan for you

    Group discounts available
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