Setting the standard for auto wholesale

We empower dealers to transact with full transparency, straight from their lot.

The AutoHub standard

AutoHub has been designed in close collaboration with dealers to provide them with the best possible experience.


AutoHub eliminates the need for dealers to transport their cars to auction and allows them to sell from their lot.


Our iPhone app and our modern website makes it very simple and fast to sell or buy with AutoHub.


Detailed inspection reports provide all the information buyers need to buy with confidence and trust.


AutoHub removes geographical boundaries, enabling a more efficient, nationwide market.


Our fees are simple and small. And you don't incur any costs until the vehicle sells.


All our dealers have the same opportunity to sell their vehicles. No shady preferential treatment.

Nobody likes auctions

AutoHub is the solution dealers have been waiting for to replace the broken and antiquated auction houses. We empower dealers to efficiently do wholesale transactions while getting more time to focus on the core of their business.

  • Auctions collect hefty fees
  • Auctions require you to transport vehicles to their remote location
  • Auctions only give you a thin chance of actually selling
  • Auctions do not provide enough vehicle information to buyers

Say Hello to AutoHub

When dealers need to liquidate wholesale inventory, our inspectors come straight to their lot and add the vehicles to our digital marketplace. It doesn't cost them anything until the vehicles sell.

When they want to source inventory, they can relax and browse our listings online. Each vehicle is listed with high quality pictures from every angle accompanied by our detailed inspection report. This inspection report provides all the information buyers need to buy with confidence and trust.

Under the hood, our experienced analysts work closely with all the dealers on our platform to make sure each car finds the right buyer at the right price.

Meet the team

An experienced auto professional teams up with an Apple engineer.

Sam Naimi — Co-founder & CEO

Sam has been in the used car business for 10 years. He has been a wholesale manager and used car director at many dealerships. He then started his own dealership and ran a retail/wholesale operation for 4 years. After dealing with auctions for years on a daily basis, he decided there has to be a better way.

Arnaud Douceur — Co-founder & CTO

Arnaud got into tech when he created the largest French motorcycle website at age 14. After college, he worked at Apple for 6 years as a senior software engineer on both iOS and macOS. Now, he uses everything he learned so far to ensure AutoHub is a great product offering the best possible experience.

We are currently focusing on the San Francisco Bay Area

We are working hard to scale up and set the new standard for wholesale auto transactions.
If you are interested in joining our platform, don't hesitate to Contact Us.