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AutoHub Trade-In Widget generates trade-in leads by enabling consumers to get an offer online, directly from your website and through your service drive.

AutoHub Appraisal increases your margins by enforcing a fool-proof inspection process, taking into consideration the actual condition of the vehicle.

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Appraisal Process

  • Follow the customizable process tailored for your store

    Starting with an OBD Scan, our app collects diagnostic data, VIN number, vehicle mileage, pictures of the vehicle and damages, as well as answers to the customized inspection checklist. Managers are notified when the appraisal is submitted.

  • Review a clear and detailed appraisal report

    Managers see vehicle and customer information, pictures, all the valuations they need, vehicle history, and live market data. We even populate automatic recon costs for all the issues discovered based on the store's formulas. They can tweak numbers as needed.

  • Close the deal with the customer view

    The customer view is designed to facilitate the negotiation with the customer and increase the odds of making a deal. It provides transparency over recon cost with damage photos and provides incentive by showing an optional trade-in bonus.

AutoHub's bluetooth reader connects to the vehicle OBD port to seamlessly pull vehicle diagnostic data (fault codes and monitor status)

Trade-In Widget

  • Mobile-friendly, high conversion user interface

    The Google-like search bar for vehicle selection is the first step to an experience designed for ease of use and high conversion rate.

  • Actionable leads with a verified mobile number

    Each lead comes with a verified mobile phone number. Don't waste time processing leads you can't act on.

  • Customize your pricing, outprice your competitors

    We give you powerful tools to easily define your own pricing strategy and get the cars you want the most by outpricing your competition.

  • CRM Notifications with new vehicle interest

    We push all the lead information to your CRM. We even tell you which VDP the customer was looking at when appraising his trade.

  • White-label experience and seamless integration

    Our widget is tailored to match your website's color scheme and integrate seamlessly. Customers don't even need to open a new page to value their trade.

  • Short Code to generate leads from service drive

    “Text 56432 to receive your trade-in offer with a special $500 service customer bonus.” A card like this goes a long way getting leads from your service drive.


  • OEM Build Sheet

    For select manufacturers

  • Kelley Blue Book

    All valuation data from KBB

  • CRM

    Push leads into your CRM


    Vehicle history reports

  • AutoCheck

    Vehicle history reports

  • vAuto

    Automatic appraisal export

  • First Look

    Automatic appraisal export


    Title Status Check


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  • Trade-In Widget

    Fresh verified leads push to your CRM while you keep your current appraisal process.

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  • Appraisal Tool

    Fool-proof inspecton process for higher margins & customer view to close more deals.

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