Verified Leads to CRM

Fake contact information is a big issue. Our phone number verification technology guarantees you're calling a real customer, without hurting your conversion rate.

SMS Code Verification

When we built the AutoHub Trade-In widget, our dealer partners mentioned that one of the biggest issues they had with other solutions out there was that most of the leads they receive have fake contact information. It's a huge waste of time to keep calling  leads only to find out it's not a real customer on the other end of the line. Can you even call this a lead at this point?

So we came up with our SMS Code verification technology. It's very simple! After the customer submits their contact information, they receive a 5-digit code via SMS they need to enter on the next screen. On most devices, their phone automatically suggests filling-in the code with the value received in the text, so there is no typing involve, making it a 2 seconds process. As a result, you know that they provided their real mobile number.

Customer instantly receives a 5-digit verification code

No impact on conversion rate

We are big on making sure that we give you the best possible conversion rate. So one thing we wanted to make sure is that the verification code step doesn't reduce your conversion rate too much. Well, what if we told you that it doesn't impact it at all?

The first screen with the contact info form does not advertise that you will necessarily be required to enter a verification code. The conversion on that screen is the same as if we didn't have a lead verification feature. Then one of two things happens:

  • The customer entered the correct phone number. At this point it's really easy for them to enter the verification code so there is a 99% chance they will proceed. If they don't, we saved all their info and we send it to you as an unverified lead, which is what you would get anyway if we didn't have this feature.
  • The customer entered the wrong phone number. They realized that the Verification Code features requires them to put their real phone number. Half the time they will go back and put their real number in. That's a huge win! That means that a lead for which you would have otherwise gotten a fake phone number, you got a real verified number intead! The other half of the time, they might drop off. We still submit all the information from the lead we collected, but classify this as an unverified lead, which is no different than what would happen without this feature.

In short, there is a huge upside and no downside. You can customize your settings to choose if you want us to send you the unverified leads or not (they will be labeled as such).

Universal CRM Integration

When a lead is generated, we send an XML payload using the ADF format. ADF is the industry standard for sending data to CRMs. We will be able to send all the lead data to your CRM, no matter who your CRM provider is!

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