Marketing Campaigns

Creative ways to attract new opportunities: Dynamic banner for your website, Short Code for your service drive and Direct Link for your email marketing campaigns.

Dynamic Banner

Our Dynamic Banner is an advanced customizable Call To Action that can be easily installed on your SRPs and VDPs. It presents multiple key benefits:

  • It's been optimized to attract your customers into the trade-in widget and increase your number of leads.
  • If you decide to configure a promotional Trade-In Bonus for the trade-in offers generated by the Widget, it will automatically reflect it in the banner instantly without needing to request your website provider to change it for you whenever they get around to it.
  • It automatically matches the color scheme of your website so it doesn't look like an out of place banner that was just thrown on your site.
Dynamic Banner advertising the Thanksgiving Special Bonus.

Short Code

The AutoHub short code is the best way for you to generate trade-in leads from your service drive. It can also apply to many non-digital advertising platform such as radio and billboards..

AutoHub provides a special short code number (56-432) that your customers can text with your promotional keyword. This allows them to instantly receive a personalized link redirecting them to your website to claim their special trade-in offer.

Since they text our short code from their mobile phone,  we are able to guarantee that every lead from our short code is a real verified mobile number. This gets reported back to you along with the rest of the lead information.

Direct Link

The direct link is a simple yet quite powerful feature. This link opens our trade-in interface right on top of your homepage for your customers to get their trade offer. This was strategically designed to make sure that once the customer is done getting their trade estimate, they are sitting on your homepage where your vehicle specials and your promotions are displayed, all very valuable content you want your customers to see. So more often than not, they will keep navigating on your website. This is much better than sending them to dedicated “trade-in” landing page, which would result in the customer leaving the site after receiving their offer. This is suited for email marketing campaigns, and offerrs remarkable results.

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