Make It Your Tool

Our white-label experience is designed to blend in with your website, rather than look like a third-party add-on. You can customize the design to match your branding.

White Label

It would be tempting for us to advertise our brand on the widget, like most players in the space do. But is this in the dealer's best interest? Does that guarantee the best results? We believe not. As a customer, would you prefer dealing with what appears to be the dealership's own trade-in tool, or feel like you're being redirected to a random third party service?

We definitely think the dealer having their own trade-in tool (or something that appears to be his own) is a much stronger position. It helps build trust and re-enforces the dealer's brand. That's why we designed the widget to be fully white labeled so you can make it yours.

Match your branding

We want our widget to look good on your website. We can adjust the design of our widget and banners so that it completely adopts your branding.

On top of that, the widget opens modally on top of the current page. The customer is not redirected to a dedicated page, but instead kept in context. In the example below the customer was looking at a new car VDP. You can be assured that when the customer is done valuing their trade, they will be looking at that VDP again.

The AutoHub Widget carries the website branding

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